Hours of Operation: Monday-Sunday 5:00AM - 11:00PM


Midday dog walks 30-40 minutes

All pet visits range from 40 or more minutes depending on care required

Holiday Care: No Additional Charge

No Cancellation Fees

No Additional Mileage Fees


$20-$30 for one or more pets within 15 miles

Pet Services Consist Of:

Dog walks

Individualized attention and playtime for each pet member

Feeding animals and providing fresh water

Cleaning pet’s food and water dishes

Cleaning litter boxes as often as owner requests

Brushing pets

Administering medication

Picking up dog waste from property

Package Specials

$10 discount for new clients

Midday dog walk special: Receive $20.00 discount for first month with a consistent schedule of two weekly midday walks for 4 consecutive weeks

Referral program

Client earns one free visit for each referral

Payment Options:

-Cash or Check-

Amount totaling $100.00 or under is due upon first visit

Amount totaling $100.00-$400.00 Half is due up front. (Balance will be due within 2 weeks)

Amount totaling over $400.00 ¾ is due up front. (Balance will be due within 2 weeks)