About Me

Home Sweet Home In-Home Pet Sitting

Providing Loving and Trustworthy Pet Sitting Since 1999

Home Sweet Home is owned and operated by Diane Le Roy.  I have been providing clients with dependable quality pet care which their owners have come to trust.  This ultimately provides peace of mind and reassurance, knowing their pets are receiving exceptional care from a qualified, professional and trusted individual.

My experience in animal care and training began when I was a young child where I gained a vast array of knowledge in assisting my girlfriend’s family on a hobby farm.  I cared for a variety of farm animals, including; chickens, goats and pigs, along with the family dogs, cats, rabbits and birds.  I especially enjoyed the knowledge attained in teaching effective dog training commands and proper techniques designed to correct behavioral issues. In addition, I have extensive knowledge and expertise on issues arising with the care of cats.
Home Sweet Home In-Home Pet Care

Over the years my love and devotion towards animals grew and my passion inspired me to discover a means where I would have opportunities to enrich animals’ lives in various fashions. This awareness spurred the idea for me to open my own business and Home Sweet Home In-Home pet care was born.
Home Sweet Home In-Home Pet Care
Currently I am the owner of two cats..  I consider my pets a very important part of my life as my clients do also. Pets deserve an abundance of love since they freely give us unconditional love. During my thirteen years in business, I have cared for many animals, consistently demonstrating professionalism, while continuously dedicating myself on a full-time basis; providing clients with reliable pet care they value and trust.