Benefits for Your Pets


- An abundance of affection and playtime

- Familiar smells, sights and sounds surround and comfort your pet

- Pets feel relaxed and comfortable remaining in own home environment

- Tailor your pet’s schedule with as many visits as needed

• Healthy

- Less anxiety and digestive problems occur

- Eliminates exposure to other animals’ illnesses and parasites that could occur in a boarding facility

- Individualized care to maintain your pet’s customary diet and regular exercise routine, insuring a pet's health and well-being


-Pets are more relaxed and comfortable remaining in their own environment

- No contact with unfamiliar pets eliminating the potential for injury

- Familiar beds/spots to nestle into or snuggle up to their other animal siblings

Benefits for You


- Call or email me to receive an update on your pet

- Peace of mind knowing your pet is receiving exceptional care from a qualified person

- Individual care insures exact routine followed according to your instructions No employees


- Immediately greeting pet upon arriving home.

- No additional driving to boarding facility to pick-up pet, saving time and expense

- No imposing on family, friends or neighbors for pet care; especially cleaning of litter box

Home Security

- Knowing your pet sitter is visiting home on daily basis to give home a “lived-in” appearance to deter crime

- Arranging emergency home repairs

Extra Home Services


- Watering gardens

- Filling bird feeders

- Mail and paper collection

- Adjusting blinds and drapes

- Turning lights on and off

- Adjusting thermostat

- Garbage removal

- Additional services performed upon request

home sweet home