I first met Diane in 2002 when my deaf English Setter Duke was aging. I needed care for him one day a week when it was impossible to get home during the day. Diane became more than a caretaker to Duke, she became his pal and when it was time for us to part with him Diane was there to assist with help and advice. Today Diane helps with our English Setter rescue who came with a “few issues” and she couldn’t be more nurturing and patient. She is essential to care with my beloved fur kid when I am gone and completely trustworthy in my home. Highly Recommended!

Kris Olson

We found Home Sweet Home Pet Care in our Newcomer welcome package when we first moved to Green Bay in 2001. Diane has become such an important part of our pets’ care and has allowed us to travel and take weekends away from home without worry! She spends a lot of time with each pet, knows the kind of treats they prefer, and is helpful in giving them medicine if needed. She is also indispensable in assisting with the watering of garden beds in the summer and house plants in the winter, taking in mail and turning lights on and off to make our home safe when we are away. What a lucky find for us – I highly recommend Home Sweet Home Pet Care for anyone who is looking for a thoughtful, loving petsitter!

Teresa and Ted Gifford

We have been using Diane for over four years, and it takes all of the worry out of trips away from home. We know our dogs are happy and safe; Scooter and Molly know and love her, and look forward to her visits while we’re away. Even when we had found good places to board our pets, they would come home stressed and often dirty. When Diane comes to visit them, it’s like they’ve had a vacation, too.


Diane has been watching our cats when we’re away for almost 5 years now, and it’s has, without exception, been a great experience for us and our cats. We don’t have to worry about them, and they get the care and attention they need while we are away. It’s a much better alternative that trying to get a neighbor or family member to check up on them, and it’s way better than putting out an extra box and food. There is also the piece of mind knowing that they’re being checked up on and we will know if there are any problems. Diane provides a great service and we recommend her to anyone needing someone to watch their pets.

Michael Moran

Diane has been our pet sitter for 17 years and I would not consider hiring anyone else. She is thoughtful, thorough (even visiting our cat in the middle of the recent April blizzard), and great with animals. I highly recommend her for care of your pets, as well!

Creighton Howard

Diane is the best! She is a wonderful person to work with & our pets love her. Most importantly she is trustworthy. We moved to Green Bay from out of state and needed a pet sitter. Her website came right up & we immediately knew after meeting her she was exactly what we were looking for! VERY highly recommend. We’ve been living here for a year & a half and use her services all the time!

Siobhan K

“Thank goodness we found Home Sweet Home”. My husband and I work long shifts that often times overlap. We used to worry how about getting home to give our dogs a potty break, meals and attention on those long days. For the past two years we have relied on Diane at Home Sweet Home to visit our pups on our work days. We come home to happy, exercised and well cared for dogs. It is such a relief to know that our beloved dogs are in the conscientious care of Diane! We also appreciate the customer service Diane provides to us as customers. She is prompt in returning phone calls, texts and emails, and she even communicates how her visit went via a short note left for us when we arrive home. Heather Pasterski

Diane has been providing home care for my cats for almost three years now. I have three senior cats who take daily medication and I therefore can’t leave them alone. I have no family in the area so whenever I want to visit relatives for a weekend or take a vacation or go to Seattle to visit my sons, I need someone to come and take care of my cats. When I go away, I don’t want to have to worry about my cats and with Diane, I don’t have to. She keeps in touch with me every day and is always available by phone if I want to check in. Diane comes twice a day to care for my cats since they get medication every twelve hours. She feeds them, administers their meds, makes sure they have fresh water and scoops the liter boxes at every visit. Not only that, she also takes care of my house. She brings my mail in, closes the blinds and turns the lights on in the evening, and opens everything up in the morning.

Nancy Joyce

We have been using Diane’s in home pet care services since 2000. Initially we needed a dependable alternative to the option of asking friends or neighbors to feed our cats and bring in the mail and paper. It was quickly apparent that our cats were more relaxed and happy from the daily care she gave them while we were gone. It was an additional comfort to know that our home was safe. When needed Diane would take care of the litter boxes and trash as well as water the plants and garden. She was with us to help our older cats and their special needs. Now she helps our younger cats with their energy to play and socialize. She also takes care of our African tortoise. We can enjoy our weekends away or vacations knowing that our spoiled pets and home are in the safe and thoughtful care of Diane. We highly recommend Home Sweet Home.

Celeste Case